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 Divine Experience?

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PostSubject: Divine Experience?    Thu Jul 08, 2010 12:11 am

Anyone ever had an experience where they felt really grounded or connected to everything?
Some people call it a divine experience, or a spiritual experience, up to you how you interpret it.

I have a few times, the most intense one was, well, when I was coming home from a small gathering (a few really good friends- we listened to experimental music and had a massage circle and looked at pictures basically) where I'd had a half bottle of beer and smoked some hash out of a hooka for the first time (just to try, I took 2-3 draws) I just felt a bit sleepy and soooo relaxed... that was a while ago and I haven't touched any since then, anyway I was in a really pleasant, open and pensive state of mind due to the atmosphere of the party and having a bit of relaxants.
anyway as I was walking home, it was dark out, and I was listening to this really, really emotionally powerful music (Olafur Arnalds' "Eulogy for Evolution", like modern classical music) and all of a sudden I became exceedingly aware of the world around me and realized just how beautiful the world was and how everything made sense- and I felt like I was part of something, I could feel this pulsating energy in the air around me... I just felt really connected and purposeful.

It was kind of cool.

.:Strong and Beautiful:.
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Divine Experience?
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